In September 1998, the trajectory of Mineração e Pesquisa Brasileira Ltda started, today called Ragro Mineral Solutions. The company is part of Rio Deserto, a pioneer organization in the extraction of mineral coal on an industrial scale in the southern region of Santa Catarina. Continuous investments in research and technology allow Ragro to consolidate itself as a reference brand in mineral solutions, attentive to sustainability and active in national and international territory.

Ragro Mineral Solutions products are divided into the Plant Nutrition lines (Plant Protect) - with compounds aimed at strengthening plants, Pet Hygiene (Pet Protect) - with hygienic sand for cats, and Animal Nutrition (Animal Protect) - with compounds that when added to the feed, they adsorb mycotoxins, allowing the best productive performance of the animals.

In constant expansion, important steps are planned for Ragro Mineral Solutions. New markets, paths and many possibilities are envisioned by the brand. It is the tradition of many years of history and the investment in innovation that allow these significant advances. Ragro: mark this name well!

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